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Markee Receives ICT.BEST Award for Telemedicine Communications for Virtual Telehealth Practices

image from www.ictbestaward.comMarkee received Telecom Association's ICT.BEST award for the Telemedicine Communications category for their HIPAA compliant brandable communication tool for therapy, behavioral, and recovery providers that enables video chats with clients and complete team communications under one browser-based tool.

View the following two videos to see how virtual practices are using Markee's platform instead of Doxy to enable their remote and hybrid practices to incorporate their everyday communication needs into one simple tool. 

Markee "Video Explainer" for Telehealth Providers, 


Interview with Markee's "Explainer-in-Chief" Greg Plum,

To learn more about Markee visit or call Greg Plum at 302-530-5654.